sl2 At Vedratan, we have a firm belief in the power of natural ingredients in healing the skin, hair, and body in 100% safe, gentle and truly effective way. Natural, organic ingredients are nutrient-rich and readily accepted by the human bodies to give a number of positive benefits. The ingredients of Vedratan are trustable and sourced predominantly from the Western Ghats of India and are picked in their season of maturity and purity.

Each product at Vedratan is manufactured in a sophisticated and modern manufacturing unit. We work hard with the only motto and objective to deliver products that are therapeutically effective and of higher standards. Ayurveda believes not only in preventing the disease but also ensuring that the disease does not recur. Before being launched or finally delivered, each product at Vedratan undergoes tight scrutiny so that the zero side-effects and efficiency of the product can be checked and maintained.

In addition to this, we assure that the products manufactured at our units are qualitatively and qualitatively processed under a rigid quality control environment. Being a pioneer in formulating syrups, beauty products, oils, shampoo, and fruit juice from the purest Ayurvedic herbs, we firmly adhere to the business ethics and prefer the customer satisfaction over anything else.